Art continues to fill the Eller halls

Photo by Josh Spano ’18 | Located on the second floor of Eller, many current and former students’ art can be seen throughout the hall.

By Mike Niezgodzki ’18


When one walks into the Eller building not only are they greeted by the sculptures that fill the staircases but, there are the countless art pieces, photos, and musical instruments that fill the first, second, and third floors.

Most of those art pieces are students’ work and the musical instruments that fill the Eller building were given to the Brophy musical program.

Ms. Deb Cronin, who is an art and drawing teachers, says she “loves the fact students get to display their work around the building and campus. It lets them know the work they are doing is paying off ” says Ms. Cronin. “I am amazed at the talent some of these students have. Their drawings are superb and I love how much effort they put into not only my class but their work too.”

The art in Eller ranges from drawings to other pieces of photos, and paintings.

Photography is just another element of Brophy’s art. Various photos are also on display throughout the building as well.

In addition, the third floor of Eller is home to the music department and the multiple signed guitars that fill the glass casings. The artists range from Aerosmith, Paul McCartney, and other well known rock stars.

Ceramics and 3D art teacher, Mr. Daren Brubaker, also loves the idea of showing art on campus. “Being able to show art in the Eller buildings is great. The ability to have students share and show their work is what art is all about” says Mr. Brubaker. “As the guitars and the musical side of art goes, I love the idea of displaying all those signed guitars on first and third floor Eller. It’s almost jaw dropping seeing who signed those instruments.”

Mr. Mark Kelly ’87 agrees with the fact that it’s a good idea to display their work around school. “I personally love it. It adds a nice part to Brophy and the Eller building. When tours and shadows walk through this building they are struck by all the amazing work on display” says Mr. Kelly ’87. “I personally would love more work displayed throughout the buildings but, that’s just me.”

Art is here to stay in Eller and maybe start making its way around campus if these art teachers want to flaunt their students’ work more. All three teachers agree the halls of Eller should continued to be displayed with their students’ brilliant work. It makes the Eller building stand out in a very artistic way.