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Brophy polling site open to public

By The Roundup Staff


Polls opened at 6 A.M this morning and Brophy is now a designated polling site for all who are welcome.

Brophy is open all day until 7 P.M when the polls officially close in Arizona.

This is the first year that Brophy is a polling site.

“We are not a democracy without the ability to vote,” said Mr. Pete Burr ’07.

“We can’t claim any pride in our neighborhoods, our towns, our cities, our states, our countries, if we are not actively taking a part in the decisions that are happening around us.”

Safety precautions had to be implemented in order to ensure public safety. 

“To Maricopa County’s credit, they have been very efficient,” Mr. Burr said.

“In terms of planning the event, we haven’t had to do too much, but just offer the space to Maricopa County and they have been amazing. I have been super impressed with their work in setting up this polling station.”

Brophy student Charlie Cobb ’21 was one of the students who came in early to help out the school and to vote.

“I feel like I have fulfilled my civic duties, and I feel very patriotic. No matter the outcome, I am proud to be American,” he said. “The media tells you there is going to be these big lines, lots of waiting, but I just cruised in, everyone was super nice, and I got it done.”

Cobb also talked about the unrest that many people are predicting once this election has concluded.

“I think the election is going to be very polarizing, regardless of the result there are going to be protests and riots, but hopefully that is not the case and I am wrong,” Cobb said.

No matter the side, people feel like the election is bound to cause unrest, and for good reason, but still, plenty hold out hope that America will prevail given the unfortunate circumstances.

Bryan Figueroa ’21 was excited to vote in his first election day, feeling the same way as Cobb when expressing their enjoyment of fulfilling their civic duties. 

“I think it was very important for Brophy not to have school that way everyone could focus on voting and not have to worry about it,” he said. “If we had school a lot of people would not have voted today because they are too tired from school.” 

Mr. Burr also said, “If there is a day worth taking off outside of the big holidays, it’s election day. Going to vote shouldn’t have to be a stressful task, you should have to fit it into your 9-5 job, or 8-5 school day.”