Brophy Students Use Quarantine to Develop Hobbies

Photo by Adrian Munguia ’22 | Yadai Navarro ’23 works on producing another song

By Adrian Munguia’22

Song artists at Brophy utilized free time from the new learning environment to write and release songs at a higher rate while also using their hobby to distress. One students used the free time to work out way more as well.

At Brophy, I was at school most of the time and couldn’t record; now, most of the time I’m at my house and I have a studio,” said Yadai Navarro ’23, a SoundCloud rapper at Brophy.

Navarro said that since quarantine has started he has recorded three to four songs a day. He said, “I like to work on music. I write what I feel, if I’m happy I’ll write a happy song, if I’m sad I’ll write some sad stuff. It’s a good outlet.”

Navarro has used his free time to work on his hobby while also using his hobby to relieve stress.

Another student artist, Anthony Moretti ’21, has put out music during the break as well. Moretti has a YouTube channel where he does covers of artists like Billie Eilish.

Moretti said he spends “anywhere from one to five hours” working on his music since quarantine has started. He has also spent time working on edits throughout the day for his videos as well.

Moretti said, “I’ve had so much time to just pursue hobbies and not just music, but music is one that’s overpowering because of the way it makes me feel.”

The feeling of accomplishment is another thing that Moretti said his hobby has given him. “There is a sense of finishing things in my life that was missing and I feel that through finishing music I replaced it.”

Alexis Vargas ’23 has used his free time to workout more often.

According to Vargas he only worked out once a day three days a week with the football team.

Now, Vargas said, “I work out twice a day, six days a week.”

He said that the new learning environment has been stressing him out and working out has been a good reliever for him.