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Different years deal with homework in unique ways

Photo Illustration by Cory Wyman – From left, Reece Krantz ’16, Zephon Enciso ’17, Chris Agnone ’18, Charlie Wyman ’19. Many students said their work increases with each year at Brophy.

By Jack Cahill ’17

It is no secret that Brophy students deal with large amounts of homework, and that each student deals with homework differently.

Many students have said that the amount of work increases as their time at Brophy continues, both inside and outside of the classroom.

“I would say yes, the classwork does increase as your years go on at Brophy,” said Geoffrey Salmon ’17, who takes three AP courses and two honors courses. “For instance, the sophomores now take APUSH, so there is an increased workload for them, compared to when they were freshmen.”

Salmon said that while the work is at times “excessive,” he can “understand the need for it.”

Seniors, like Jeremy Lacsa ’16, also noticed how the amount of work increases as your time at Brophy increases, and that he has his own way of dealing with school stress.

“When faced with large amounts of homework, there is also more that you have to think about than just the work itself,” Lacsa said. “First, I make a list of all the work I have for the week, with their due dates to the side. Then, I look at the assignments chronologically, while also taking into account which homework has greatest urgency or difficulty. Those are the assignments which I will usually complete first.”

Teachers also noticed the differences in work, and how certain students deal with work. Mr. Chris Ramsey has noticed that many students deal with homework at school.

“A lot of kids do hall work. So, it’s pretty stressful at break and at lunch for some students,” Mr. Ramsey said. “If someone has legitimately put in a lot of their work at home, then I understand why they might do some of it at school.”