H2O Club seeks to raise awareness of global water issues

Photo by Nick Pecora’21 | Members of the H2O and F. A. M. E. Clubs serve “Broncoffee” before school on January 29, 2020. A portion of the proceeds will be put towards earthquake relief for Puerto Rico.

By Nick Pecora ’21


Soon, experts on water-related issues from around the state will converge on Brophy’s campus for the annual Summit on Human Dignity, which hopes to provide a yearly forum to discuss a specific issue pertaining to the dignity of the human person. However, Brophy’s H2O Club has already been working to raise awareness of such issues.

Since its inception in the fall of 2018, the club’s goal, as stated by its student leader and founder, George Resley ’20, is to “create a community of concern for the global water crisis.”

The global aspect of the water crisis tends to be the primary focus of the club, according to Resley. In particular issues regarding access to water in poorer nations around the world.

“We take it for granted in this country that we have access to clean water,” said faculty moderator Mr. Patrick Kolb. The club hopes to make the Brophy community aware that many parts of the world are not as fortunate.

In addition to educating the Brophy community on the global crisis, the club participates in fundraising for water-related issues, as well. One way the H2O Club raises funds is through selling coffee on Wednesday mornings alongside the Finance, Accounting, Money, and Entrepreneurship Club in the Great Hall.

Resley was inspired to start the club after noticing a similar group at Notre Dame Prep and realizing that no such club existed at Brophy. Additionally, Resley said that part of his inspiration to start the H2O Club was hearing stories about his mother’s own difficulties finding clean water throughout her childhood in the Middle East.

Some of the club’s monthly meetings consist of presentations regarding water issues around the globe, but recently, the group has begun to shift their focus to the upcoming summit.

While the club was active during the summit last year, Resley said that the club is hoping to be a greater part of this year’s summit and that they were actively working with the OFJ in order to do so.

As part of their preparation for a more active role in this year’s summit, the H2O Club is currently determining which particular aspects of the water crisis students would like to see explored this year.

Members of the H2O Club are currently among those serving on the student planning committee for this year’s summit, due to the club’s direct connection to the summit’s topic.

“A lot of the meetings recently [have] been to see what people want to see in the summit,” Resley said. “Do they want to see stuff about sustainability or just lower-income countries and how they handle … their issues with water?”

Additionally, the club is always looking to assess the interest of students in participating in various water-related initiatives and activities around campus independent of the summit.

Brophy’s annual Summit on Human Dignity will take place on campus March 2 through March 12.