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Logic creates modern rap classic with latest mixtape

“Bobby Tarantino” by Logic
9 out of 10

By Ethan Winkler ’17

Release after release, Logic has been able to impress his listeners and improve upon his music.

His latest mixtape, “Bobby Tarantino,” is no exception.

Dropped with no warning July 1, this album does a fantastic job at blending quality production and mind-bending lyrics.

There is also a good amount of variety across the EP.

There’s hard rap with trap-type production like in “Flexicution.” Toward the end of the album there’s “Deeper Than Money,” which offers a chill, jazzy feel and a thought provoking message.

A few tracks take a different direction from his usual rap.

Songs like “illuminatro”, “A Word From Our Sponsor” and “Studio Ambience At Night: Malibu” mostly contain sounds of him and others talking about nonsense.

There’s even a track called “Super Mario World” that samples the soundtrack from the game.

Another amazing part of this album is Logic’s lyricism, which tries to send a message while also keeping a good flow and rhyme scheme.

One of my favorite lines by him is in “44 Bars”: “It ain’t about the money and notoriety, it’s about the people and making a difference in society.”

My favorite song on the mixtape is “Slave” because he raps about the sensitive subject of race in a very intelligent, well thought out way. A close second to that is “44 Bars,” which samples “Vibes Is Right” to create a beautifully produced track.

Of course, there are a couple negatives with this EP that dragged down it’s rating from a 10 to a nine.

For example, some of Logic’s hooks seem very repetitive and uncreative. In both “Flexicution” and “Super Mario World” the hooks are mostly the phrases “Oh God” and “Oh my goodness.”

After a few listens, these phrases begin to bore the listener.

One other thing I have against this album is its lack of features from other artists. Besides Pusha T in the song “Wrist,” the whole EP is only Logic. Any album, no matter how good, can benefit from featuring other artists.

I also believe the influence that other artists give behind the scenes in terms production is essential for a well-rounded album.

Besides these minor faults, Logic has done a near perfect job with his fifth mixtape since 2010.

It has become clear to me that Logic is a real up and coming rapper in today’s rap game.

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  1. I don’t think an album or mixtape isn’t successful because it has no features, or did people forget that J Cole went double platinum with no features? Any good artist can be successful on their own, and all in all, this is just good music. Rattpack boi.

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