Club Profile

Cohesiveness, discussions make Free Speech Club unique
Photo by Andrew Brown ’18 – The Free Speech Club meets on thursdays to share opinions in an environment that hopes to promote healthy conversation on the topics discussed. By Alex Kirshner ‘18 THE ROUNDUP The Free Speech Club is a new group on campus that allows students to share their opinions while cultivating discussion about important issues facing Brophy and the country. The club was founded by Matt Zacher…
AMC class supports freshman, creates community
Photo by Bryce Owen ’17 – Students work in the AMC after school study session. By Chase L. Manson ’16 THE ROUNDUP It’s after school and instead of heading home, a select few freshman students walk into Mr. John Taylor’s classroom. This is the Ad Majorem Community or the AMC program, a yearlong after school program lead by Mr. Taylor.   The program is designed to help high potential academic…
Peer Editing Network develops in the 2nd semester
Photo by Johnny Phan ’16 – The Peer Editing Network (PEN) met in Mr. Damaso’s room at lunch, March 18. PEN provides constructive criticism and suggestions for pieces submitted to them by other students. By Joseph Valencia ’17 THE ROUNDUP The Peer Editing Network, also known as PEN, serves as a way for students to meet and improve their writing skills. Mr. John Damaso ’97 established PEN. Three editors, David…
Comic Club provides hang-out for people with comic, superhero interests.
By Jack Cahill ’17 THE ROUNDUP Carson Ingram ’17 and Garrett Kelly ’17, created the Comic Club at the beginning of this school year. According to Ingram, the Comic Club is home to a “small handful of people.” They meet every Tuesday at lunch in Mr. Jose Leyba’s ’94 room. According to Ingram, the club’s purpose is to let people spend time with other comic book fans, and to discuss…
Hermanos Unidos strives to build community, charity
By Carter Santini ’15 THE ROUNDUP The Hermanos Unidos club builds a community of Hispanic students through soccer, food and service. The club started 10 years ago but overtime devolved into a group of students who just played soccer together, according to club member Anthony Gutierrez ’15. Gutierrez said that two years ago, through the efforts of teachers Mr. Christopher Calderon and Mr. Cristopher Agliano, the group began to grow…
Black Student Union aims to build community, safe zone among students
By Tanner Nypen ’15 THE ROUNDUP Once a week the students of the Black Student Union meet in Mrs. Susan Maynard’s room to gather and socialize. Mrs. Maynard became the moderator after the former moderator, Mr. Stephen Johnson, moved to another school. “It’s a place to gather, to socialize, to talk comfortably about the experience of being a black student at Brophy,” Mrs. Maynard said. “To feel like you are…
Middle Eastern Club looks to educate students on array of issues
By Michael Ahearne ’14 THE ROUNDUP The Middle Eastern club offers students a chance to become educated not only about Islam, but also about Christianity, Judaism and other cultural and religious areas in the Middle East. “The purpose of the Middle Eastern Club and why we thought it was so important for the Brophy community is to educate our peers on many issues regarding the Middle East that they have…
Old West passion flourishes in Cowboy Club
By Michael Ahearne ’14 THE ROUNDUP A group of students sit and watch as a man runs into trouble, gets into fights and rides his horse though a dusty desert landscape. This man is a cowboy featured in a video clip, and this group of students is the Cowboy Club. “Cowboy club is a fun social club, it’s not real big, but basically we just remember and celebrate the cowboy…
Best Buddies expresses ‘men for others’ through friendship

By Erik Masingill ’12

Everyone knows there are many clubs to join at Brophy.
Clubs such as The League of Extraordinarily Classy Gentlemen, Key Club, National Honors Society and many more are among them.

However, there is one club that is truly unique to Brophy, the Best Buddies Club.

Best Buddies has been at Brophy since 2000 and is a national organization founded by the Schreiber family.

Techno Tuesday club keeps the bass steady

By Brian D. Brannon ’11

Tuesdays are days usually filled with hurried chatter, tests being assigned and students rushing to finish assignments.

As lunch begins all of these things can be seen in virtually every part of Brophy; however, if one takes a moment and listens, he will hear the steady beat of phonological sounds drawing them in.

Those sounds are coming from the Techno Tuesday Club.

Techno Tuesday was started by alumnus Bryce Muzzy ’10 as a way for students to express themselves through rapid tempo, interesting music and dancing.