New teacher Rosenzweig exhibits passion for mathematics
New faculty member teaches advanced class in linear algebra and real analysis By Aakash Jain ’14 THE ROUNDUP “I was attracted to the idea of teaching because … I thought it might be interesting to teach talented and motivated high school students,” said Mr. Matthew Rosenzweig, the newest and youngest math teacher on campus. After graduating a year early from Harvard University, Mr. Rosenzweig, a Phoenix Country Day School alumnus,…
Mr. Hubbell offers helping hand all over campus

By Kevin Valenzuela ’13

Mr. Ryan Hubbell has not been at Brophy long but his impact has been noticed all over campus; in the Office of Faith and Justice, his classrooms, with the Speech and Debate team and with planning this 2011-2012 Summit on Human Dignity.

New math teacher, Mason, seeks interior designer

By Alex Stanley ’12

Mr. Broyles’ question from May 2011 “Teacher’s Pet”: What are your top three movies of all time and why?

One would have to be “The Princess Bride,” it is just a classic.

I first watched it at my grandparent’s house and didn’t really understand it. But my cousin told me it was the best movie ever, and I have liked it since then.

Dean’s assistants see all on campus

The women of the Dean’s office give out advice, treats and JUGS

By Rohan Andresen ’12

Hidden beneath piles of JUG sheets, excused absences forms and myriad of other paperwork sit the ladies of the Dean’s Office: Assistants to the Dean of Students Ms. Theresa Angus and Ms. Debbie Corwin.

These women are the eyes and ears of the entire campus and monitor all of the goings-on.

Ms. Angus is completing her fifth year in the office and Ms. Corwin is completing her fourth, and every day of their employment has been busy.

Teacher McShane ‘brings learning to another dimension’

By Colin Marston ’13

Mr. Lane McShane ’82 continues after 17 years of teaching to be a very interesting, refreshing figure on campus.

Attending Brophy from 1978 to 1982, Mr. McShane, who currently teaches English, came back to teach in 1994 after receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Masters of Education degree from ASU.

He rates American literature as his favorite class to teach and be immersed in.

“Catcher in the Rye, Poe, the materials are really great,” Mr. McShane said.

Schmidbauer brings Mr. Miagi-like attitude to classroom

The teacher walks through the aisles of his desks, shouting in apparent rage. He nears a student’s desk and raises a clenched fist, slamming it down on a computer and shattering it.

In this now popular video the reality is that the computer is stripped of all valuable parts, just a realistic technological shell. The teacher is Mr. Andrew Schmidbauer ’88 and this is just one of the many ways the former Brophy student brings a funny, off-the-wall attitude to the classroom.