Traditions play role in student, campus life
Traditions play a significant role in many communities and Brophy is not an exception. In this issue, The Roundup exposes many of the rich traditions that students experience in the classroom, on the field and at home. With its inception 85 years ago, our school has developed exponentially alongside our students ability to keep old traditions alive while creating new ones both on campus and in their own lives. Click…
Tradition reigns as students illuminate holiday customs
By Jeffrey J. Kimball Erdely ’14 THE ROUNDUP  Diversity among students is present during the holidays. With so many different beliefs and traditions coming into play, students have a variety of customs, religious beliefs or practices they celebrate during the holiday season. Noe Medrano ’14 shares a custom his family is familiar with—the Spanish tradition of Las Posadas. “A couple is picked to represent Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus,”…
Fr. Olivier shares love of cinnamon gum
By Aakash Jain ’14 THE ROUNDUP For around the last 20 years, the Rev. Fr. Harry Olivier, S.J. has served as the football team’s chaplain. In this role, Fr. Olivier leads Masses and team prayers in the chapel before and after games. “When I first came, I was not the chaplain of the football team. I just used to go to the games,” Fr. Olivier said. “After the chaplain was…
Tradition keeps morals strong

Our world has lost many of the things that kept people good and their morals strong.

We have fallen into a new, racier age.

Many of us have lost the strong values that made our country so good and civilized. Tradition has fallen out of popularity and has been replaced by new personas.