Xavier Gator

Xavier Gator
Jaela Robinson ’15 By Austin Norville ’15 THE ROUNDUP For Roundup purposes can I get your name and year? My name is Jaela Robinson, I am a sophomore. Going with the theme of this edition, what is your favorite thing to do after school? My favorite thing to do after school is to go to Speech and Debate. What is the funniest thing that has ever happened at Speech and…
Xavier Gator : Morgan Kelley
By Josh Galvin ’13 THE ROUNDUP For official Roundup purposes, please state your name and year. Morgan Kelley, and I’m a senior. First thing after graduating? I’ll probably hang out with my friends until the end of May, and then I have an internship in Boston for Doble Engineering for chemical engineering. That’s pretty far away. Are you sick of Arizona? Well I’m staying in state for college, so no…
The Xavier Gator
By Andrew J. Barnes ’12 THE ROUNDUP Name and year? Tillea Baltzell ’12—you mean year of graduation, right? Yes. What are your New Year’s resolutions? Not use as much hairspray because I need to slowly become detached from my Snooki poof. What’s it like being a Snooki wannabe? It’s great even though she’s really stupid. I hope I’m not that dumb. She’s the one who copied me because I was…
Xavier Gator

By Jackson Santy ’13

For security purposes I’ll need your name, year and student identification card.

Umm—my name is Kate Miller, I am a sophomore and I don’t have my ID on me.

Xavier Gator

Give me your name for the record please.

Angel Vo ’13

Who do you expect to win the Stanley Cup this year?

I don’t watch hockey…

Xavier Gator

Would you please state your name for the record?

Rebecca Jelenick ’12

What do you think about the nuclear meltdown in Japan?

Very sad, I like Japan and I have always wanted to visit.

What do you think will happen if an actual meltdown occurs?

I have no idea.

Xavier Gator
By Michael Mandeville ’11 THE ROUNDUP Could I get your name for, you know, legal purposes? What legal purposes? Ugh, Katie Grinstead. We have a strict code here. What code? I’m unaware of any rules The Roundup is following, consider you— That’s confidential. Anyway, how’s your semester coming along? Pretty well, I’ve been keeping up with my work, maybe a little more than others seem to be. No, no, how’s…
Xavier Gator

By Colin Marston ’13

Name and Year?

Sophie Maniaci, senior.

Whats your blood type?

I don’t know.

What is your Social security number?

I actually do know, but should I disclose that?

Xavier Gator

By Jackson Santy ’13

What’s your name?
Is that a joke?

It’s a common question that most people ask upon introduction.
Oh ha ha–Abby Wirth.

Do you go by any other nicknames, code words, aliases, nom de plums?

So, how stoked are you for Christmas?
I am soooo incredibly stoked.