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Burr talks Brophy Roots, Clubs, Student Council

Photo by Isaac Myers ’18 – Mr. Pete Burr ’07 works with Matthew Vaske ’18, discussing his upcoming video assignments. Burr is a freshman baseball coach, works with student council, and teaches video production.

Alex Kirshner ’18

Teacher’s Pet: Mr. Pete Burr ’07

Mr.  Andy Schmidbauer ’88’s question from the last edition’s “Teacher’s Pet”: Besides discovering the New World in 1492, why was that year a pivotal year in the history of the Iberian Peninsula?

I would like to turn that question back on Mr. Schmidbauer and give him 24 hours to answer without the use of technology.

You graduated Brophy in 2007. Can you describe the impact this school has had on you?

The impact this school has had on me? For 12-13 years this place has always been a place that’s like home base for me because, even during college, I worked here during the summers, and I’ve been back since I’ve graduated. This has always been a place that I felt like was a welcoming, energizing community, so any chance I get to be a part of it I’ve taken that opportunity since 2003.

Were you a part of the Alumni Service Corps?

I was not, actually… When I graduated from college in 2011, I came back and taught here during the summer. I had some conversations with some people about how to get some content off the ground and start making stuff for the school, and that just evolved into getting hired.

Besides teaching, what clubs or sports teams are you involved with?

I coach freshman baseball, Mr. Mulloy ’99 and I run Photo Video Club. When the cycling club is up and running, I will be involved with that. I help with Student Council, and I am a freshman advisor.

How did you become involved with Student Council?

I was involved with Student Council when I was at Brophy, and it was one of the biggest formative experiences for me as a Brophy student. When I came back I was given the opportunity to get involved with Student Council and eventually take over that class. My answer was obviously yes because it was something that had a huge impact on me as a student.

What are some things that Student Council is doing to improve the dances and raise school spirit?

I think our whole thing this year is sticking with this idea of building community. The outer community might see us as this group that’s trying to get 45,000 kids at a dance; obviously that’s an exaggeration.

Our goal is to make sure that every kid has an opportunity to connect with his peers on this campus, whether that’s a Mario Kart tournament after school or a homecoming dance with 1,000-plus of his friends.

We’re not concerned about sheer numbers or size or even really success, monetarily or size wise of events. We want kids just to come and have a sincere opportunity to meet people and really engage in what I think is the best part of this place.

You played baseball at Brophy and were a part of the 2006 state championship team, and now you are a freshman coach. How does it feel to be able to coach the next generation of Brophy baseball?

It’s fun. Brophy is wonderful because you can be a coach and it’s part of your job. It’s an awesome excuse to go out and hang with like-minded human beings, people who enjoy baseball, get outside and be involved with the sport that I loved growing up.

What is a question that you would like to propose for the next teacher’s pet article?

In the 1995 film “Heavyweights” directed by Steven Brill and written by Judd Apatow, who is your favorite character and why?