New Branch of Student Council helps organize sporting events

Alex Cannella ’19


Student council created a new branch called Ringleaders.  The primary responsibilities of the Ringleaders is to help organize sporting events.

There are six Ringleaders on campus, two from the class of 2018, two from the class of 2019 and two from the class of 2020. These six students sent in applications in March and were selected for the position by Mr. Oldani and Mr. Burr.

“We found the need after many surveyed students said there weren’t enough leadership opportunities on campus.” said Mr. Burr. “Student Council is in charge of many different activities on campus and Ringleaders was a way for us to take some responsibilities off Student council and provide a few more students with leadership roles.”  

The application process for Ringleaders was completely unique. “The application instructions were vague which induced student creativity. We Wanted to see the different assets the applicants had to offer.” said Mr. Burr.

Alec Owen ’19 is one of two Ringleaders for the class of 2019. Owen and the other ringleaders planned out the events at each athletic game.

“Ringleaders is great. I couldn’t fit the first period student council class and this it has given me a chance to be a leader.” said Owen.

According to Owen, the Ringleaders help with other student council events, but the primary focus is the attendance at athletic games. “We do help out with dance set up and clean up, but our main purpose is to be the ‘hype’ squad for the student sections at games.” said Owen.

Mr. Burr would like to continue the program is years to come. Possibly expanding its numbers next year.  

“So far, I think Ringleaders has shown that it deserves to stick around.” Owen said.