2010 leaves an everlasting impression on a new generation

By Brett Mejia ’13

Now that 2010 has nearly ended, it is time to reflect on events that have stood out to us.

2010 has been a year full of strife and togetherness, even in the wake of tragedy that has had its impact on our community and the world.

In the beginning of the year, two earthquakes destroyed towns and cities in Haiti and in Chile killing more than 300,000 combined.

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New decade ushers in new ideas, hopes—perhaps

Who can forget 2009?

For that matter who can forget the last decade?

Terrorist attacks, anthrax scares, wars, economic downturns, natural disasters and the promise of hope made the 2000s turbulent to say the least, with more ups and downs than anyone could have imagined.

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Summit to make room at the table

In this time of economic recession, many people are slowly realizing the impact the United States perpetuates on the world around it.
This theme is the subject of this year’s Summit on Human Dignity: globalization.
The official title of the 2010 Summit on Human Dignity that will run from Feb. 22 to March 5 is “Room at the Table: Globalization, Economic Justice and Human Dignity.”
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