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New decade ushers in new ideas, hopes—perhaps

By Ulises Araiza ’11
The Roundup

Who can forget 2009?

For that matter who can forget the last decade?

Terrorist attacks, anthrax scares, wars, economic downturns, natural disasters and the promise of hope made the 2000s turbulent to say the least, with more ups and downs than anyone could have imagined.

2009 was no diamond in the rough. For many hard-working Americans, 2009 meant the loss of their job, house, car and even their families as just a few years ago the separation rate among married couples was estimated to be between 40 and 45 percent, according to a May 2007 Associated Press report.

For high school and college students, 2009 meant the lack of a summer or part-time job as many companies stopped hiring and many others let go of people who worked there for years.

2009. Who can forget the inauguration of the first African-American president?

Never before had a crowd so large gathered in Washington, DC to witness a presidential inauguration, despite the freezing cold weather.

How historic to be alive 146 years after the Emancipation Proclamation and 217 years after construction began on the White House, which was largely built by black slaves.

2009. Like every other year it came to an end with countless people making up New Year’s resolutions.

However, it is now March and for many people those resolutions have only manifested themselves in their mind or on a piece of paper.

Drinking less alcohol, losing weight and reducing overall stress are just three out of 13 popular New Year’s resolutions, according to the U.S. governments Office of Citizen Services and Communications.

2010. The UN has dedicated this year as the “International Year of Biodiversity” and the “International Year of Youth,” but really, who knows or cares about this?

There was no big fuss last year when 2009 was designated as the “International Year of Astronomy” and the “International Year of Natural Fibers.”

2010. So where are the flying cars, the robot maids and the trips out of this world?

Isn’t it time for another man to go to the moon?

If they did it successfully in 1969, then why can’t it be done 41 years later?

Technology has advanced so much in the past four decades, and who knows what the government is working on behind closed doors.

Or should we take a step back from all that we have done and just take it easy?

In the age of the Internet, the iPod and instant satisfaction are we simply going too fast to think clearly and make any right decisions?

Are our priorities so messed up that we are more worried about the unknown tomorrow than the tangible present? Are we so out of touch with reality that we cannot see how our decisions are affecting our planet and those around us?

Of course, I would be lying if I said everyone is like that.

Around us there are Mother Teresa’s and Ghandi’s who work tirelessly for a cause and are willing to give up their lives at any minute to see it live on.

In a dog eat dog world, there is still true love and dedication.

Perhaps 2010 will be the year where things turn around.

We are only three months into the year, so it is still too early to judge it all, but perhaps this year—no, this decade, will be less turbulent than the past one.

Perhaps the economic situation will get better, perhaps the wars will end, perhaps there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Just perhaps.

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