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Saldana named Man of the Year

Photo by Andrew Brown ’18 – Rudy Saldana ’16 rehearses during orchestra class. Anthony Cardellini ’17 THE ROUNDUP Transitioning to high school is never easy, but it was particularly challenging for Rudy Saldana ’16, the recipient of The Roundup’s 2016 “Man of the Year” award. When Saldana was only 13, his mother passed away, leaving […]

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Relevancy enhances learning, future outcomes

Photo Illustration by Cory Wyman ’16 and AK Alilonu ’16 – Students learn through unique styles, intrests. By Reece M. Krantz ’16 THE ROUNDUP What causes someone to be willing to learn? “Willing” is the operative word here because without a desire to learn something, the learning process is sure to be stymied. There are […]

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