Students, teachers use music to concentrate, create environment

By Carter Santini ’15 THE ROUNDUP Sound surrounds us constantly whether it is the buzzing of an air conditioning, birds chirping, people talking or music. Most of the time people view sound as a distraction, but in the case of studying and working, students and teachers both find music a helpful tool. According to a […]

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SparkNotes and Wikipedia should be secondary sources, teachers say

Useful information can be found with due diligence

By Colin M. Prenger ’11

When students are assigned a book for English class, some may turn to summary websites to alleviate the potential stress of a challenging and lengthy read.

Brophy’s English Department demands critical analysis of novels and high quality, detailed writing – which could explain why some turn to summary websites.

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Eating or studying? Let us do both

Brophy is a campus of many acres and of almost a dozen buildings; though, in none of these buildings can a student eat while they study in quiet, peaceful, temperate quarters.

Students are always allowed to eat in the Great Hall, the climate controlled cafeteria, but among the flying food, the trash and the shouting, the Great Hall does not make for a great place to concentrate and get work done.

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