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Pro/Con: Hillary vs. Trump

Photos Courtesy of Tribune News Service
Photos Courtesy of Tribune News Service

Trump will usher in era of prosperity, strength

By Jack Cahill ’17

Our country is at a political crossroads, a position where we have two options: the failed status quo or a reinvigorating, populist movement with fresh ideas.

Donald J. Trump represents the latter, whereas Hillary Clinton represents the failed establishment that needs the boot.

This establishment has been active in pushing for poor trade deals and costly amnesty, all while ignoring pressing issues such as the deficit, campaign finance reform and a complicated tax code that needs reform.

While legal immigration is often a force for good, illegal immigration is simply too much a burden for the U.S. taxpayers.

A lengthy, detailed study by the Federation for American Immigration Reform or “FAIR” found that the few benefits of amnesty are greatly outweighed by the costs.

These costs include an annual $52 billion price tag for the U.S. taxpayers for the education of undocumented immigrants alone. Most of this burden is placed on local governments, resulting in state and city governments that simply can’t afford proper upkeep of their cities.

When you add all other costs into account, such as healthcare and public housing, the price is an annual $113 billion for illegal immigration.

Frankly, that is ludicrous and rather scary.

Trump is the only candidate who has a serious plan to address illegal immigration, including building a border wall, comprehensive restructuring of border security, the cost of which would pale in comparison to the annual price the U.S. taxpayers pay.

According to the Washington Times, a conservative estimate for the cost of the wall would be “around $8 billion,” a number that appears inconsequential when juxtaposed against $113 billion.

Of course, Trump’s merit stems beyond his stance on illegal immigration. Trump is the only candidate who takes a stand against toxic trade deals, such as NAFTA and the Trans Pacific Partnership.

The North American Free Trade Agreement was signed by Bill Clinton in 1994. NAFTA is a free trade agreement between the United States, Mexico and Canada.

While proponents of NAFTA, including Hillary Clinton, promised prosperity, the exact opposite happened.

Entire industrial and working class towns have been decimated by this free trade pact, with a net one million jobs lost, most of these in manufacturing towns, according to The Huffington Post.

Furthermore, we amassed a staggering $181 billion trade deficit with Canada and Mexico, according to Forbes, $181 billion that could be used to invest in our education system, or perhaps our military.

To be fair in one regard, Clinton has retracted her support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership one of several harmful trade deals. However, Trump is the only candidate with a consistent stance against the TPP.

Keep in mind that our current trade with TPP countries cost the United States 2 million jobs in 2015, according to the Economic Policy Institute.

In regards to foreign policy, our policy abroad has been an utter disaster for several decades, and only Trump wishes to address this issue head on.

Trump recognizes the burden of nation building and unnecessary intervention abroad places on taxpayers.

For instance, instead of supporting the status quo of overthrowing Assad in Syria, Trump recognizes that this would place an unfair burden on the taxpayer and potentially unearth more instability in the region.

Donald J. Trump is not a perfect candidate, but he is a candidate who will unleash an era of prosperity, strength and hope just as Reagan did three decades ago.

We should give him a chance.

Hillary Clinton most qualified to be President

By Graham Armknecht ’18

America has been left with two different choices for president: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

As students at Brophy, we are asked to question the processes and society that we live in. We are told to accept the people around us, the poor, the hungry, the marginalized. Clinton pushes the agenda of inclusivity in standing in solidarity with the people of Orlando this past summer, as well as with the victims of police shootings.

She has expansive experience in politics. She used the office of first lady to push her own issues, voted on issues by becoming a senator and forged strong relations abroad in her time as the most travelled secretary of state.

Some of Clinton’s policies include wanting to make the Affordable Care Act better and remove “Cadillac Tax,” which would improve the quality of healthcare overall since no tax would be imposed for better health care. Clinton would also be able to push our foreign affairs well, considering she has an impressive background as the first lady and secretary of state.

Clinton has had her email scandal, and while it was reckless for national security, was not indicted by the FBI. She has also been involved in the death of four Americans in Benghazi, but let’s put something in prospective:

Clinton always has wanted what’s best for the American people. She took responsibility for the incident. She knows what choices she’s had to make in order to build this country to the great place it is now.

If Clinton were elected into office, she would continue to build the country up with her significant foreign affairs skills as well as her political prowess.

Overall, not much of the policies that have been place will change for as far as we know. In addition to that, she would also be the first female president of the United States, which would be a monumental accomplishment.

Clinton is simultaneously a symbol of progress in America and of experience. To run for an office that has been held by a man since the inception of the United States,  being the first woman to gain the nomination is a historic feat.

Experience in the political field is key, since without it blunders happen that risk our national security.

How much experience does Trump have in politics, outside of this election?

He has none.

And while people speak of him and his revered business prowess, he doesn’t have the experience needed to be president of the United States

He calls people names to get through primaries and elections, he has absurd ideas about immigration, thinking building a wall will end all illegal immigration, and that Mexico will pay for it.

He’s been fear-mongering for his whole election, speaking about how we aren’t safe and how America isn’t great. So much so, it needs to be great again.

But ask yourselves this: Isn’t our country already great? Our economy is booming after the recession that Obama was handed after Bush, civil rights are taking leaps and bounds, and crime is at an all-time low.

Are there places where Hillary has been short-sighted? Yes, of course everyone is only human. However, just because she’s made political mistakes and Trump hasn’t, does that mean we should elect Trump?

Trump, the man who has insulted a fallen soldier’s mother. Trump, a candidate that gets by by eliminating his opponents with name calling, the way an eighth grade bully harrasses people he doesn’t like?

Donald Trump, the man who has schemed people out of money through Trump University and his real estate. Donald Trump, the person who has said Obama is literally the founder of ISIS?

Make America great again? Why not keep America great with a more seasoned, experienced option though Hillary Clinton?

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