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Class of 2012 easily slides into leadership

By Rohan Keith Andresen ’12
The Roundup

As we wave goodbye to a senior class full of talented students and easy-going friends, we welcome a new senior class made up of leaders, scholars and connoisseurs of many trades.

The class of 2011 has been unmistakably known for their sense of humor and outstanding ability to keep the student body entertained and Dean Mr. Jim Bopp busy.

As a senior class, they have offered an unprecedented level of eager readiness and cheerfulness.

One can go into the mall any day and observe the seniors in their daily shouting, joking and wrestling on the knoll while Mr. Bopp and underclassmen observe from a safe distance.

However, anyone who has strolled through the mall is sure to have noticed that the quintessential lunch spot for seniors, the knoll, is slowly being encroached on by diverse junior cliques.

Already, we are eager to take the tangible spot of the seniors, and we are wholly capable of that position.

Our class is teeming with an overwhelming amount of leaders; all enthusiastic and bumping elbows to take on the necessary roles of the departing seniors.

The members of the class of 2012 are largely a well-behaved, loving group of men, but we still have a lot to do if we hope to epitomize the leaders of our campus.

Inevitably, come the departure of the class of 2011, we will be placed on a pedestal for the rest of the student body to observe and duplicate our actions.

The unification of our class is the first necessary step for prevailing as the greatest senior class.

Our class is already known for its competiveness and readiness for leadership. It is now our duty for our leaders to unite the entire class of 2012 under the senior umbrella.

This necessary camaraderie will unavoidably occur as a multitude of different cliques seek the refugee of cool grass, breezy shade and the higher ground of the knoll where we will set the standards for the rest of the student body to look up to us as “the class upon a hill.”

The class of 2010 and 2011 have shown us hilarious and fun pastimes such as “pet day” when various animals could be found around the campus, “snow day” when students were able to have a little bit of a winter wonderland for just a brief glimpse of time and most recently, students observed a race and stunt derby of remote control cars.

The creativity that the class of 2011 possesses is necessary for our class to prevail, and our own innovative minds must be tapped into.

However, as many students before us have believed and advocated, these “senior shenanigans” are not what make up a class.

These pranks and unofficial “days” are entertaining; however, they do not represent what the students truly have to offer.

Instead of focusing so much attention on frivolities, we should trigger our energy towards helping make Brophy, the school which has tirelessly nurtured us, into a better place by keeping student involvement in school activities high.

We need to be able to overcome the contagious “senioritis” and keep working diligently in the community whilst looking forward to our bright futures.

The necessary patriotism of Brophy has already been exemplified by many of the members of the class of 2012.

Devotion to our school can be seen amongst our renowned Student Council representatives as well as independent acts of pride by unelected members of this great class.

Juniors are already anxiously standing behind the yelling seniors at sporting events, ready to take the forefront and rip off their shirts to display their proudly-painted upper bodies.

Our class is not only ready to prove ourselves at sporting events, but in every facet that makes up our community.

We are made up of eloquent debaters ready to argue any point, athletic superstars on every field, talented artists of all media, diplomatic representatives keen on organizing events, spiritual students specializing in the greater glory of God and loving brothers looking to offer a helping hand.

Our class unequivocally exemplifies the Grad at Grad qualities, and it is now time for us to show it.

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