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Brophy thriving but still has more to go

Staff Editorial

The Issue: Brophy has a bright future but needs some changes in order to achieve its full potential.

Our Stance: Adopting changes in our technology program, student health system, campus sustainability and general attitude is necessary.

The Brophy community has grown a lot in recent years, both physically and intellectually.

The growth in different areas has been evident and positive for this school, but there is still progress to be made.

One of the major issues Brophy must further embrace is sustainability on campus.

After the 2010 Summit on the environment, Brophy’s efforts to make the campus more sustainable accelerated, leading to new programs being put in place to foster environmental responsibility on campus.

New recycling bins were put out, motion sensor lighting was installed in select classrooms in the Piper building and sustainable cups were purchased for Michael’s.

In the future, more alternative energy sources should be explored to see if Brophy can further improve the sustainability of the campus by using renewable energy options.

Also, power is wasted in large quantities with power strips plugged in continuously for weeks on end unnecessarily.

In addition to the sustainability of the campus, Brophy should continue with their efforts to improve student health.

Currently Michael’s offers a healthy meal for $5 one day a week and the BodPod system is offered for free to students to track body composition, but neither program is entirely popular or wide spread on campus.

Head athletic trainer Mr. Chris White recently sent an e-mail out to the student body explaining the program but many still don’t understand or even know about the program and its benefits.

Healthy meals should be offered more frequently and the BodPod should be better advertised to all students so everyone can enjoy the benefits of the programs.

In the technology arena, the Tablet PC program is still in its relative-fledgling stages and needs to be improved and perfected as years progress.

Five years ago saw the arrival of the Tablet program, a trendsetting advancement that ushered Brophy into the age of technology.

With each student and teacher armed with a Tablet computer, Brophy embraced technology across campus.

The Tablets can sometimes be an obstacle to students though because they have a tendency to be slow in class and sometimes don’t work at all, and cause distractions for students who cannot resist digital temptation.

At times they seem to be more of a nuisance than a help.

Next year’s freshman class, the Class of 2015, will receive a different computer than the current Toshiba models students use, and we will see if this solves any of the issues.

The attitude of the student body toward each other and females also has to change.

In the December 2010 edition of The Roundup, Manuel Siguenza ’12 wrote about how students can sometimes have sexist tendencies.

In fact, students were recently called into assemblies to discuss respecting the people around them, including women.

The student body is largely made up of good and caring students, but sometimes more sensitivity is needed in order to become a fully accepting community. It only takes one or two off color comments for us to all be labeled in a negative manner.

Brophy has set the bar very high for standards of education, technology and environmental stewardship and these standards should be a challenge to set the bar even higher in the future.

As the community moves forward, it should strive to do better in all aspects to establish high standards and leadership.

Staff editorial by Ian C. Beck ’12 and Alex Stanley ’12

Staff editorials represent the view of The Roundup. Share your thoughts by e-mailing or leave comments online at

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