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Bigege shoots for Michigan colleges

Photo by Matthew Montes ’15 – Rus Bigege ’15 plays in the game against Corona Del Sol Jan. 8. This past year Bigege switched from basketball to soccer.

By Brendan Hinkle ’16

Rus Bigege ’15 decided to switch from playing varsity basketball last year to varsity soccer this year.

“Out of basketball and soccer I’d have to say soccer is my favorite,” Bigege said. “I’ve played soccer since fourth grade along with basketball.”

Varsity Soccer coach Mr. Noah Lewkowitz said he doesn’t know Bigege too well since this is his first year on the team, but he’s a humble athlete.

“I’ve only known Rus as an athlete for about four weeks now,” Mr. Lewkowitz said. “I think he’s hardworking and talented athletically and I think he’s got a very competitive spirit.”

Varsity Basketball head coach Mr. Tony Fuller said knew him better not only as an athlete but also as a student.

“He’s an excellent student and never a problem academically,” Mr. Fuller said. “Rus is also a very quick, agile and intelligent athlete.”

Aside from playing varsity soccer, Bigege is involved in the Black Student Union club.

Bigege said his favorite teacher was Mr. Tom Donlan, and favorite school subject is English this year.

“This year my favorite subject is probably English and I think my least favorite subject is science,” Bigege said. “I’ve just never been good at science.”

Since Bigege is a senior he’s been looking at colleges he hopes to attend.

“Lots of places I’m looking to are in the Midwest so anywhere really in Michigan,” Bigege said. “I’m looking at Michigan, Michigan State, Kalamazoo. I’m also looking at Notre Dame, which is in Indiana. I’m talking to Santa Clara and St. Joseph’s.”

He said he hopes to either study business or maybe pre-law, and doesn’t know exactly what he’s doing for graduate school.

Mr. Fuller said that without question, Bigege has lived out the school’s Grad at Grad traits.

Rus has a very interesting life story,” Mr. Fuller said. “He has a wonderful family, both his African family and his American family. He’s a tremendous soccer player and I wish him well in his future as a soccer player on the collegiate level.”

Bigege said he has enjoyed his experience at Brophy.

“I came here as the only kid from my middle school,” Bigege said. “Everybody’s really welcoming. There’s a lot of other kids who are one of a few from their school so you get to make a lot of good friends. The teachers are also really helpful and if you put in the effort you won’t ever fail a class.”