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Catan fighting for state with wrestling team

Photo by Reece Krantz ’16 – The wrestling team has worked hard this year to attain a 20-4 record in the first semester and form bonds between the teammates and coaches.

By Sam Romero ’17

The first season of Brophy wrestling with coach Mr. Wayne Catan at the helm so far has resulted in a 20-4 record.

Mr. Catan said that forming relationships with the wrestlers has been his highlight of the year.

“I really can’t ask for much more…They do all the work. All credit goes to the wrestlers. What they are willing to sacrifice,” Mr. Catan said.

Elijah Lee ’17 said that the tournaments are difficult but even if he does not do well, it’s still a lot of fun spending time with the team.

“We are feeling more confident this year, and I give a lot of credit to our new coaching staff who has stepped up the intensity,” said Luke Jacobs ’18.

Jacobs said he believes that Brophy has become one of the hardest working teams in the state and cannot wait for it to pay off by the end of the season.

“Many of us have been doing great at these tournaments, especially our senior captains,” Lee said.  

Mr. Catan is keeping the team always prepared for the next match, and the athletes know their goal is the state championship.

Even with the few losses, Mr. Catan said that the team learns from each one and never gets too low.

Coach Catan shared a quote with the team that sums up the sport pretty well: ‘Victory requires payment in advance.’ Losses are tough, but they each serve as learning experiences,” Jacobs said.

According to a post on brophyprep.org, wrestling won the first team trophy in nine years in the Bourgade Last Chance Tournament.

Injuries have slowed the team but has not stopped them.

Mr. Catan said that even though injuries are bad, it is apart of wrestling.

“I wish I could change the amount of injuries we get throughout the season. Nobody wants to see their teammates benched due to a small injury,” Lee said.

But even with the injuries, Mr. Catan said what surprises him the most is the teams response to the setbacks.

“We have been working extremely hard everyday… Personally, there is nothing major that I would change about the season,” Jacobs said.

The only things Mr. Catan said he would like to change would be lifting more and training harder on the off season.