Michael’s staff offers positivity to students
Photo By: Andrew Brown’18 | The ladies in Michales are commited to serving the Brophy community on a day to day basis. By Matthew Zacher ’18 THE ROUNDUP The employees of Michael’s Catering Service have a daily presence in the lives of students going through the lunch line. Brophy’s branch of Michael’s is managed by Ms. Sharon Byers. “I like doing fun things for the kids,” Ms. Byers said. “We try to do…
Michael’s commemorating seniors on ‘Wall of Fame’
By Andrew J. Barnes ’12 THE ROUNDUP Brophy’s food service, Michael’s, would like to memorialize, celebrate and honor all seniors by posting their pictures on their “Wall of Fame.” They have encouraged all seniors to stop by the Great Hall as soon as possible to get their pictures posted. Linda, from the Michael’s staff, will be taking pictures from 7-9 a.m. daily in the Great Hall.
New chef cooking up change in the Great Hall

By Kevin Valenzuela ’13

A new chef joins the Brophy community this school year.

Chef Kathleen Morton has been a chef for 15 years and has taken the position of chef/general manager for Michaels at the Great Hall.

Weight management program teaches students how to be healthy

By Chase Stevens ’12

Brophy has started to measure and track every freshman’s health and give them a diet plan they can follow.

Called the Brophy Healthy Weight Management Program, the endeavor requires every freshman to have health data tracked, beginning the first time they step into health class.

“We just got funding from the owner of Michael’s (Chef Michael DeMaria) to do this. He believes very strongly about this,” said Mr. Christopher White, Health/P.E. Department Chair and head of the Brophy Healthy Weight Management Program.

Michael’s serving healthy options

By Chase Stevens ’12

There’s a new aroma wafting from the Michael’s lunch line every Tuesday.

These bursts of flavor come from the new healthy meals being served in the far right lunch line.

Every week Michael’s is now serving new, healthy meals to help provide students with a nutritious alternative to their regular food choices.

Michael’s tries to balance nutrition with consumption

Chicken tenders, pizza and soda have been staples at Michael’s for the last four years, but more recently healthier alternatives have found their way onto the food provider’s menu.

The healthy options may not be as appealing to students as the standard lunchtime fare, but the options are in place. These include yogurt parfait, mixed fruit cups and garden salad.

Mr. Chris White, a health and sports medicine teacher, said he understands students may be more tempted to choose pizza over yogurt, but still would like to see more healthier alternatives offered.

State to blame for vending machine changes

Since school resumed a couple months ago, vending machines around campus have gone through some major changes.

It started with simple pieces of paper that had been taped to the machines stating that the machine was “out of order.”

While some students did not take notice of this change, other frequent purchasers began to grow a bit worried.