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White brings 31 years to field and classroom

Photo by Bryce Owen ’17 | Mr. Chris White grabs a bag of ice for an injured football player.

By Chris Stanek ’19

For 31 years, Mr. Chris White has been the athletic trainer and the stronghold of oddur sports care.

Mr. White first began his love for athletic training in college assisting other athletic trainers on the field of many sports.

He decided that athletic training was for him due to his sport history through school and his interest of health and medicine.

“Athletic trainers are very prepared and experienced for certain situations on the field; they can act on situations instantly and figure out the source of the problem,” Mr. White said.

Mr. White said that there is a difference between an athletic trainer and a personal trainer, namely that an athletic trainer must have more experiance and knowledge to be able to respond to rapid situations.

Throughout his 31 years here, Mr. White has seen it all from compound fractures to torn tendons.

“I have seen a lot, and due to this I know much more on how to handle it”, Mr. White said.

Jake Longini ’18 runs cross country.

Mr. White has helped me recover from many different injuries and taught me great injury prevention stretches that have improved my strength as a runner,” Longini said.

Mr. White said that the sport that causes the most injuries is football.

“The kids are moving around, stopping and going at rapid motions, getting constantly hit or tackled, and putting stress on the majority of body”, Mr. White said.

Mr. White said he was interested in athletic training, but he also wanted to teach it.

After his first two years at Brophy, Mr. White started teaching Health and soon after Sports Medicine and Anatomy.

Quinten Argiropoulos ’19 is a student of Mr. White’s Anatomy class.

Mr. White is a great teacher who not only has fun with the class and challenges me, but he makes me eager to learn more,” Arigropoulos said.

Mr. White said that he loves all his work and would not want to be doing anything else.

“I love teaching and sharing education, “Mr. White said. “Being able to teach a student and watch them later go on to use your teachings to do incredible things. The community here at Brophy is fantastic and students are eager to learn.”