A Man and His Movies

‘Moneyball’ strikes out on maudlin melodrama

By Julian De Ocampo ’13

“Moneyball” – Starring: Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill

Let’s be upfront here – I don’t know a lot about baseball; that being said, I do know enough to say that “Moneyball” isn’t a good movie.

First on the list of setbacks is simply the fundamental premise of the movie. This is a sports movie (always a niche market) that isn’t even about sports – it’s about sports management.

A Man and His Movies: ‘The Change-Up’ takes body switch genre to new level

By Jackson Santy ’13

“The Change-Up” – Starring: Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds

The comedic “switch-up” movie subgenre has been around for decades. Films such as “Big” and “Freaky Friday” have always attracted viewers across multiple generations.

However, this month’s release of “The Change-Up” takes the switch-up comedy to a whole new level of humor and vulgarity.

A Man and His Movies: ‘Priest’ offers potential, falls short

By Ian C. Beck ’12

Vampires have been a hot topic in Hollywood over the last few years, but not this kind of vampires.

“Priest,” directed by Scott Stewart, pits a group of warrior priests against a horde of slimy, Golem-esque vampires.

These priests had been used as a human killing machine in a war with the vampires that left both races near extinction.

‘Battle: LA’ takes aim at high thrills, engaging plot

By Brett Mejia ’13

2nd Lt. William Martinez (Ramón Rodríguez) and his platoon of Marines will travel to the location of the mysterious meteorites that crashed all over the world in the new movie “Battle: LA.”

Although “Battle: LA” was full of enough action and explosions to keep me entertained, it seemed too long because I could already guess the outcome.

Wiseau creates unbearable and unforgettable experience with ‘The Room’

By Sean Harris ’11

Cinema has simultaneously hit a new low and a new high with the transcendent soul-crushing experience of “The Room.”

This is it. This is that one film I will point to when asked about the worst movie of all time.

It’s not just casually bad.

It’s not “The Last Airbender” bad. It’s a freight train of unpleasantness helmed by a man who seemed to create the term delusions of grandeur.

Oscar night to be full of expecting the unexpected

By Jackson Santy ’13

The time has come, and the long awaited nominations for this year’s Academy Awards are in.

This year’s ballot is filled with an abundance of riveting films that did not fail to impress. Critics are setting their sights for the big names this year (The King’s Speech specifically) but I think differently.

Feb. 27 will be a night of the unexpected, names average movie fans may have never heard may be called up to receive their golden statuette.

Anniversary of 3D boom brings backlash, wasted potential

By Sean Harris ’11

3D is hardly a new trend in Hollywood, but to say that it hit a new boom after “Avatar” would be putting it lightly; it exploded with the force of a nuclear weapon.

It’s been more than a year since “Avatar” came to theaters and was subsequently declared as the highest grossing film of all-time, and studios are shamelessly trying to pump this new moneymaking gimmick for everything its worth.

Films like “Clash of the Titans” and “The Last Airbender” have audiences taking on a “fool me once, shame on you” attitude since wasting money on post-production 3D effects is essentially the same as burning the extra money for the ticket.

‘Piranha 3-D’ tops the list of worst movies of 2010

By Jackson Santy ’13

Well, it’s the time of year again when Hollywood’s best wait anxiously for their names to be called for the Oscar Nominations.

However, the next four films should not expect to be mentioned. They without a doubt proved to be the worst movies of 2010.

Piranha 3-D

Basically, “Piranha 3-D” just another sexed up b-movie for teens, packed with blood, gore and plenty of scantily clad females.

It is clear that the producers spent more money hiring an array of voluptuous models, and used whatever loose change they had left for special effects.

The movie’s own production company doesn’t even take the film seriously, which almost guarantees it to be a complete dud.