First generation college students seek newfound opportunities
By Jackson Santy ’13 THE ROUNDUP Over these past few weeks, colleges have sent out decision letters to students around the country. Seniors eagerly wait to rip open the envelopes determining their future for the next four years. Some students will follow in their parents’ footsteps attending their alma maters. Others will set off on their own college legacy and some will even be the first of their families to…
Seniors sign to play college sports
By Michael Moroney ’13 THE ROUNDUP There are a total of 16 Brophy seniors who have made NCAA commitments so far this year to play athletics in college. Fifteen of these committed athletes will play Division I at their respective universities while one more athlete is heading to a Division II school. These 15 athletes include players from football, golf, swimming, cross country, basketball, soccer, baseball and lacrosse. However, it…
Brophy alumni achieve success in many fields, locations

By Tyler J. Scott ’12, Michael Moroney ’13 & Jackson Santy ’13

Brophy prides itself in preparing students for college, but alumni say it also prepares students for life after college.

Alumni have found success in many fields including media and social justice

Keeping responsible credit in college

Low interest rates, no fees and balance transfers are catch phrases that fill college students’ mail boxes every year.

Credit card companies will swamp new students with offers that sound too good to be true. According to United College Marketing Services the average college student gets 25 to 50 solicitations a semester.

Low introductory interest rates, bonus rewards and no need to carry cash, all sound like great reasons to get a credit card.

Close to 30 athletes headed for college play

Brophy athletics never fails to amaze, as nearly 30 students so far are heading to play their sport in college.

On the gridiron, there are five players looking to play football in college.

Max Leonesio ’10 will be going to Princeton University, Alex Garoutte ’10 will kick at Arizona State University and Hank Jenkins ’10 is going to the University of San Diego, according to football coach Mr. Scooter Molander.

Include this article on my résumé, college applications

Everybody knows that one student who does everything: NHS, several sports, band, photography club, speech and debate and concert piano.

He has participated on three immersion trips (just this year), is an altar server and is taking five AP classes.

I think it is impossible, and certainly at least impractical, to participate in all of those activities/classes at once, but many students are overloading themselves with activities in order to get that extra edge in the college admissions process.

Seniors’ paths winding down during final semester

It is that time of the year again and spring is upon us.

The time that its starts warming up and heavy jackets are no longer needed; the time when students begin to look forward to a much needed spring break.

The second semester of senior year can mean a number of things.

Students maintain senior-year college visits despite increasing airfare

Across the commercial airline industry prices are jumping sky high as purse strings remain tight for many consumers.

Many people have put their personal vacations on hold, but college visits remain popular and numerous among Brophy seniors.

Throughout high school, even more so during junior and senior year, many students are increasingly focused on the prospect of college.