E-cigarettes, vaporizers added to school drug policy
By Chris Agnone ’18 THE ROUNDUP A new clarification to the student handbook prohibits students from using or possessing increasingly popular e-cigarettes. Brophy administrators emphasize unseen risks and repercussions in the use of vaporizers and e-cigarettes when defending the new drug policy. “Most people don’t realize that these devices can be used to take illicit drugs, not just nicotine,” said Dean Mr. Pat Higgins. “The danger that concerns Brophy the…
School-wide meetings spur look at teen drug use

Almost half of America’s teenagers have had some encounter with drug-related substances upon reaching senior year, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

The NIDA found 47.4 percent of seniors say they have used some type of illicit drug in their lifetime.

Out of this number 42.6 percent is marijuana.

Campus drug policy serves students well

Substance abuse has always been a concern for Brophy College Preparatory, as it is for just about any other school today.

This month The Roundup reported that 47 percent of high school students said they have used illicit drugs in their lifetime.