Great Hall

Video: Club Fair promotes student involvement
By Austin Norville ’15 & Garrison Murphy ’15 THE ROUNDUP Students convene in the Great Hall Sept. 15-17 for the annual Club Fair, where students come to represent their clubs or seek their niche within the community.
Chef Morten, staff start early in the kitchen
By P.J. Binsfeld ’15 THE ROUNDUP For most students, their experience with the lunch line is to wait, grab food and go. There is much more that goes on in that small room adjacent to the Great Hall that most students never see. “There’s probably a lot of time and effort goes into Michaels but it really probably depends on what day it is and what they’re serving that day,”…
Soda conversion leaves students fizzed

By Brett A. Mejia ’13

Last year Brophy was one of the only high schools in Arizona to sell soda to students.

This year however, the Brophy administration has evicted soda from the campus.