Audio Story: Students, faculty relive frightening tales

By Brendan Hinkle ’16 & Cory Wyman ’16 THE ROUNDUP Everyone has heard a good ghost story in their life, or some other frightening tale that kept them up at night. Not all scary stories are from campfires though. Many people have had experiences with scary situations you might usually find in Hollywood. The Roundup […]

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Audio Story: Student authors write for hobby, success

By Austin Norville ’15 THE ROUNDUP Junior Anthony Gutierrez sat in the Brophy mall on a cold morning last December and pulled up a collection of creative writing on his computer. Gutierrez is one of numerous students on campus who pen original stories and keep a large folder on their computer full of writings. Some […]

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Gender relations at Summit’s center

Commentary by Joe Skoog ’13

This year’s Summit on Human Dignity focuses on gender and raises many questions regarding an important facet of gender: gender relations.

Gender relations are the way that males and females interact amongst each other and cohabitate.

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Students find passion in mixing music

By Dillan J. Ducar

In this audio interview The Roundup takes a look into two Brophy student’s musical lives.

In act one of this show, we introduce Austin Guerra ’13. Known as DJ Highlight when talking about his music, he is a student who has found love in mixing music.

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