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Nintendo innovates classic formula for Pokémon

By Jace Riley ’16

“Pokémon X and Y”
9 out of 10

In 1998, the United States got its first taste of the world of Pokémon.

Since then there have been 20 video games leading up to the newest release of “Pokémon X and Y.”

Like in the past the games are released separately to encourage trading with your friends to fill up the expansive pokédex.

However, this game does more than just add new Pokémon to catch and trade.

The game is now fully rendered in 3D graphics and has 3D features for the first time. The battle animations look stellar if the 3D is on or off.

Once you get over how amazing Kalos, the new region looks, start your journey to conquer the the eight gyms, the Elite four and the Pokémon League Champion.

These challenges you face are not as easy as in the past.

You need to spend a lot of time leveling up your team.

Like always there is an evil organization in the game that you are tasked to shut down.

In “X and Y,” its Team Flare who desire to create a more beautiful world.

In “X and Y” Nintendo does more than repeat, they innovate.

The biggest innovation is the new mega evolution.

Certain Pokémon can now evolve temporarily in battle.

If you have the right mega stone, which are scattered throughout Kalos, Pokémon may mega evolve.

These cause increased stats and even some Pokémon typing changes.

Charizard has two mega evolutions depending on the game you are playing.

In X he becomes a fire/dragon type, instead of his normal fire/flying type in Y.

Another innovation to the games is the fairy type.

Multiple Pokémon from the past have now been made fairy types.

Fairy types change the already massive type chart that is crucial to know for battling.

Another new feature is clothing.

You can purchase new clothing for your character at stores and walk around Kalos looking different than the original model.

The global trade center has improved immensely.

If you are connected to WiFi, you can trade with people all over the world at a push of a button.

This isn’t the only online improvement.

Battling is also much smoother than before.

Overall, “Pokémon X and Y” has done more than in the past.

They innovate multiple different ways such as the fairy type and mega evolutions.

It looks and plays better, but still feels the same as the classic “Pokémon Red and Blue” through its amazing battle system earning it a nine out of 10.

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