Black History Month Festival to be held at Brophy

Photo provided by Brophy Media | Brophy will host a Black History Month Festival on Feb. 08, 2020.


By Nicholas Williams ’21

Brophy is hosting a Black History Month Festival for the first time ever. It is on Saturday, Feb. 8 from noon to 4 p.m.

This event is anticipated to be one of the largest Black History Month celebrations in all of Phoenix.

“As an African American student at Brophy, I think it’s a good way for the Black Student Union to inform people of the switch of culture at Brophy,” said Brophy junior Justice Navarra ’21.

The planners of this event are the interim director of the Office of Equity and Inclusion Mr. Marcos Gonzales, and Brophy mother Taj Loo.

This event is not just inclusive to Brophy, however, it is open to the public, so anyone can attend.

“We want all to want to celebrate to be present,” said Mr. Gonzales.

“All of our families and students we hope can attend, as well as members of the community who may not have seen Brophy as an option for them or their families.”

Mr. Gonzales also said, “This is all about celebrating black history, and the contributions that African Americans have given to us as a country, as well as our community”.

His hope in hosting the event at Brophy is to show the black community that their culture is welcome here at Brophy.

From start to finish, many performers will be up on stage. These acts include Pilgrim Rest Gospel Choir, a traditional African theater troupe and even Professor Griff from the famous hip-hop group Public Enemy.

Professor Griff will be doing a performance as well as talk about his experience in the rap industry and its relevance within the black community.

Also, there will be many different African American foods present.

“As an African-American mom with two sons who have gone through Brophy, I am excited that Brophy has chosen to support and promote this Black History Festival,” said Loo.

Loo also said that it is extremely important to her family that the environment that her children are in are inclusive spaces that work to celebrate diversity instead of ignoring it.

“For my son, Ryan, who is a junior at Brophy, it’s an opportunity for him to see his culture highlighted and celebrated by the entire Brophy community.”