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Feature Package: How this Place Works?

Graphic by Bryce Owen ’17

Early each morning, just as the sun begins to rise, and far before the first carpool arrives in the North lot, the gates of Brophy are unlocked. Hours later, after classes have been taught, lunches eaten and games played, those same gates will shut for the night.

Many of the things that go on between the opening and closing of these gates are obvious to us, but many happen behind the scenes and are easy to miss. While we sit in class, food is cooked, admissions decisions made and dances planned.

This edition, The Roundup tries to disassemble the many moving parts of Brophy, to pull back the curtains and to discover how our school makes it through each day. In doing so, we move closer to answering a question that we all have asked: How does this place actually work?

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