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Junior pole vaulter Kurtz aims to continue athletic growth

Photo by Bryce Owen ’17 | Carson Kurtz ’18 pole vaults at the Brophy home meet March 1. Kurtz originally got into pole vaulting after some friends joked that he should join, and it has turned into a positive and successful experience.

By Jack Davis ’19

Carson Kurtz ’18 said that he wasn’t serious about pursuing pole vaulting when he initially picked up the sport two years ago.

“Honestly, as a freshman, I decided to do pole vault as a joke, with a few friends,” Kurtz said. “After my first year, I ended up really enjoying the sport, so I decided to continue sophomore year after wrestling season.”

Since then, Kurtz said he has grown with the sport and has even engaged in it outside of school.

“I have participated in club during the fall to improve my performance, and have just begun the 2017 season,” he said.

“I have found that weight lifting with higher weight and low volume has increased my explosiveness on the track,” he added.

Michael Beram ’18, a friend of Kurtz, said in an email that Kurtz’s skill and interest in pole vaulting has greatly improved.

“Over the course of three years, Carson has begun to show more and more interest in the sport,” Beram said. “His jump has improved significantly since freshman year. He is beginning to run taller, plant higher and has reached a personal best of 14’1”.”

Kurtz said that athletic ability isn’t the only necessary skill in order to be a successful pole vaulter.

“I think that 75 percent of the vault is controlled by the mind, so I think that I have developed in that sense,” he said.

“I love pole vaulting so much because almost anyone can do it,” Kurtz added. “No matter how athletic you are, learning how to vault is like learning how to walk. It’s awkward and hard at first, but it becomes extremely rewarding.”
Beram said that he met Kurtz during their freshman year, and that they have bonded over athletics.

“I had seen him a couple times before high school, but we became close friends freshman year when we both wrestled together,” Beram said. “We grew closer and closer as we spent two seasons together on the wrestling and track team.”

Beram said that Kurtz’s trustworthiness and guidance makes him a valuable friend.

Carson is someone who I can always rely on to give me advice when I need it,” Beram said. “He is one of the only people I can trust, and is someone that is always honest.”

Kurtz said that he hopes to pole vault beyond Brophy into college.

When he isn’t on the track, Kurtz said that he likes examining stocks, building computers and spending time outside.

“I have enjoyed looking at stocks and becoming more informed, while I also like making computers for people in need of one,” he said.

“Also, I think of myself as an outdoorsman, so I love hiking and fishing when I get the chance,” Kurtz added.