Literary and visual submissions draw large crowds for FAE

By Tanner Nypen ’15 & Brett A. Mejia ’13

With more than 400 individual pieces of art and photos and about 15 different literary speakers and authors, the Fine Arts Extravaganza  gives an inside look into just how creative Brophy students can be.

As the coffee started to brew just after 6 p.m., students, parents and faculty gathered in the Student Activities Center, the ceramics room and Brophy’s Art Gallery located on the bottom of Romley Hall to enjoy photos and 2D and 3D art by students.  The photos consisted of many elements, themes, locations and characters.

“I think it looks really crowded, and more and more people come to it I think, more and more faculty come to it because they can bring their kids now, which I think is awesome,” said Mrs. Debbie Cronin. “Parents figured out that they can come and their kids can come…, I really like that.”

The visual art in the ceramics studio and Brophy Art Gallery was created with various mediums such as pencil, charcoal, print, pastel, clay and many other materials. Visitors voted for their favorite artists in each venue, earning cash prizes for the winners.

At around the 7 p.m., BLAM’s literary readings began. Led by BLAM Literary Editor Julian De Ocampo ’13, Managing Editor Jack Flynn ’13, Media and Publicity Editor Alex Chen ’14 and others on the BLAM staff, the event helped create an environment for authors to share their voice.

“We have students reading their poetry, prose and creative nonfiction, all that good stuff and they have the opportunity to read it out loud,” Flynn said.

The performers were then graded on their presentation of how each contestant read their stories and poems by BLAM co-moderators Mr. John Damaso ’97 and Mr. Chad Unrein. The winners were rewarded with a cash prize.

Editor’s note: Julian De Ocampo ’13 is the Co-Editor in Chief for The Roundup and had no part in writing this article.