Roundup reporter travels to El Salvador

Roundup reporter Ulises Araiza ’11 recently traveled to El Salvador with Brophy’s annual summer immersion trip. Click the links below to read his blog postings from the trip:

Roxana and Vilma: Roxana and Vilma are some of the brightest, most intelligent girls anyone could ever meet. Roxana is in her second year of high school, while Vilma is in her first year. Like other young people in their village of La Hacienda, both girls work taking care of their younger siblings, cleaning, cooking, and making hammocks. However these sisters dream big.

Roundup reporter Ulises Araiza '11 in El Salvador with the Brophy immersion trip.

On the Open Road: On Saturday May 29th we took the Panamerican Highway up to the jungles of El Salvador once again– but this time we went up to Mr. Broyles’  village of Tenancingo. I learned that in Tenancingo he left part of his heart–he did not have to say anything, it just became apparent for me.

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