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Swim Team Hopes to Get Back on Track

By Edward Hoppensteadt ‘24


After an abruptly ended season last year, the Brophy Swim Team is back on track; as the team moves forward and succeeds this season, they leave the memory of their season being ended in hindsight. 

On the heels of their last invite win, “It’s a completely different family each year, we got different characters and it’s a great group of guys right now. I’m loving it right now,” says Coach Mr. Daren Brubaker

The team’s mindset is strong, they have completely moved forward. This is the mindset he believes that the team needs going forward. 

Now that the team is back to a point of being able to compete in meets and competitions, they are already exceeding expectations based on their return. 

Off to an amazing start of the season, they look to start and begin a new legacy, although Mr. Brubaker states that there is no difference in pressure for the team. “I firmly believe that what we do on deck outweighs what we do in the water. I’m talking about character, the wholistic part, everything else will follow after that,” Mr. Brubaker said.

Now that the team is focused on getting back on top, there is work to be done, but it has been an excellent start to the season so far with no signs of stopping. Although they are in a new position, there are no new measures that the team is going to consider this year. Mr. Brubaker said,  “I don’t think it was always about the streak, or winning and things like that.” This attitude that has led to the team’s previous success is likely to help them throughout this season and for seasons to come.