The Brophy Fashion Club and the Return of Vintage Fashion Trends 

Fashion is constantly changing with many trends and clothing going in and out of style with each new season, making it an exciting time to reexamine your wardrobe. Vintage is all the rage with many past trends making a comeback according to Miguel Aguirre ‘23. “I like vintage americana, so pieces from the 70’s, the greaser movement, and the hippie movement from the 60’s. I like to take pieces from each of these decades and kinda incorporate them into one outfit,” said President of the Fashion club Miguel Aguirre ’23

One main factor leading into the resurrection of the past is the resurgence of thrift shops. “There’s a whole different subculture behind it, it’s pretty interesting. I found a lot of the clothes that I wear to school from thrifting,” Aguirre said. 

There are many ways to shop for clothes, but it is important to use whatever is comfortable. Thrifting and ordering clothes off of websites like Poshmark can be great ways to get interesting clothes at reasonable prices. 

Aguirre and his new fashion club is also looking to redesign what is already in the varsity shop. 

“I want to start bringing the bronco mascot more to the front with bigger graphics and stuff that catches your eye and not just saying Brophy broncos on it,” says Aguirre.

Deciding on what to wear can be a challenge, but “if you think it looks cool just go for it. It’s okay to stand out and be a little different,” Aguirre said. Coats and sweaters are a great way to add style to an outfit. 

Additionally, finding inspiration is a great way to add style to an outfit. “Find some people you look up to, they don’t have to be celebrities or anything, but if you think it looks cool on someone else you should give it a try,” said Aguirre