Nearby weapons reports force 3 lockdowns
Off campus incidents prompt 3 precautionary lockdowns in 4 months By Garrison Murphy ’15 THE ROUNDUP  In the last four months the Brophy campus had three lockdowns due to reports of armed suspects in the area, and in one case police did not notify the school until nearly 40 minutes after their active investigation started. School officials say the campus is safe, that lockdown procedures are effective and that Phoenix…
Gun control obstructs safety
By Aakash Jain ’14 THE ROUNDUP I have never held or fired a gun; in fact, I have never seen a firearm in person. Nonetheless, I am certain that gun control undermines our safety and sets a dangerous precedent for government authority. One of the greatest fallacies of our time is that legislation can solve all of society’s problems. As an extreme example, government cannot simply pass a law that…
Teens, drivers navigate texting behind the wheel

The temptation begins.
You’re sitting with hands on the wheel in the middle of traffic when you hear the roaring vibration of your phone; in comes a new text message.
It could be your best friend asking to “chill” this weekend, possibly your dad asking in his new hip lingo “wutz up LOL?” or maybe it’s that girl you met last week who is finally texting you back.