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Runner Burns excited for rest of Cross Country season

Photo by Bryce Owen ’17 – Drew Burns ’18 (farthest right) runs with his teammates at practice on Oct. 29.

Andrew Brown’18

Drew Burns ’18, a sophomore, currently runs for the varsity cross country team and is hoping to land a spot in the top ten at the state tournament.

“I discovered cross country in 7 grade at his school and ran for the school team. From there I ran club and now high school,”  Burns said.

When he made varsity freshman year everyone knew that Burns was a great runner. He competes in the normal cross country and runs track in the spring.

“The track is faster but I enjoy running in the normal cross country season more because the different terrains and the peaceful outdoors, ” Burnssaid.

He also got a chance at state during the cross country season.  Burns said he hopes for the team to land in second or third place in the state tournament.  

“I love cross country because of the different locations and courses,” Burns  said.

He said that he has ran all over the valley and enjoyed every single race no matter his place.

“Burns is always pushing me and the other runners to run faster and be team motivators,” said Burns’ teammate Hociel Landa ’17. “He is my competition that drives me to be a better and faster runner. He deserves to be on varsity and is one of our top runners.”

“Drew is a dedicated runner who leads by example. He has an outstanding work ethic and competitive drive.” said coach Mike Keahnon

Burns shows true dedication to the sport. 

“Even when there is no practice Burns will run on his own, and he will show up to practice earlier than everyone else,” Landa said.

Practice started at 6 a.m.