Students play a crucial role in the slowing the spread of COVID-19

By Nick Zalle ’23


For a high school student in 2020, COVID-19 has become the center of attention on and off-campus, and for good reason. This pandemic has swept the nation, preventing students and teachers alike from being together in person. We as students have a very important role in the prevention of a COVID-19 outbreak here at Brophy.

As students, it is our job to keep the people around us safe and healthy in every way possible. It may be tempting to ignore what is going on especially if we are led to believe it does not pose an immediate threat to us, but this is far from the truth, as young people have still been getting dangerously sick as a result of COVID-19.

Students across the country have been ignoring guidance provided by the Center for Disease Control by going out to large social gatherings, spending time with friends and going out into public, disregarding the CDC guidelines and causing many universities to be forced to return to lockdown.

This behavior is unacceptable and shows how much of an impact students have on the spread of COVID-19. This pandemic is far from over, and there is no reason for students to act recklessly by going out to public events. 

I have personally seen many parties being held around me, even in the current times. This deeply concerns me as I have seen multiple COVID-19 outbreaks as a result of these large social gatherings that still seem to take place. 

When speaking to members of the student body, they agreed that students have a huge impact on the spread of COVID-19. Students are one of the few groups of people that need to gather in groups in order to get an education. This necessity is what drives us, students, to do everything in our power to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

As more and more students begin returning to school, the number of COVID-19 cases get higher and higher. With these ideas in mind, we as members of the Brophy community need to remember to continue to act responsibly in these times of uncertainty.