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Olson enjoys Space Mountain, not golf attempts

Teacher’s Pet: Mr. Paul Olson

By Chase L. Manson ’16

Photo by Cory Wyman '16 - Mr. Olson talks to a student before school on Wednesday, Apr. 9 2014.

Mr. Choquette’s question from last month: “Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or one horse size duck?” 

I would fight the one horse size duck. I would be able to outrun it or fit into a place where a horse size duck could not fit.

What got you into music? 

Because I am incredibly good looking and not smart for anything else. Just kidding. I was originally was going to be a math major. I was pretty good at math. I got As in math and it was very easy for me. My sister helped me like music. She is four years old than me and when I went to visit  her at the University of Milwaukee we went to go see a concert. I will never forget that moment. The conductor steps on the podium and starts conducting. In that moment my brain said that’s what I want to do. On the first day of college I went to the music secretary and asked to change my major.

Do you have any musical inspirations? 

My college choral director really shaped who I am. He would definitely be an inspiration. I also had some good fortune as a soloist. Some performances have really impacted me for example, the Dallas Symphony. We did Verde Requiem. The performance left me in awe.

What is your favorite song at the moment?  

“Drop Kick Me Jesus through the Goal Post.” Just kidding that’s not a song, I wish it was though. Some of my favorite pieces are Beethoven’s “9th Symphony”  and his “4th Movement.” One of my favorite operas is Barber but my all time favorite opera is La Boema. A song that is on the radio that is my favorite is from a band called Otherwise and they sing a song called “Solider.” It is a lot like Fun’s “Some Nights” with the huge percussion and stomping feel.

So Honor Chorale just took a trip to Anaheim. How did it go? 

The trip was fantastic. All the logistics went well. Everything was safe and sound. The boys were responsible and got to places on time.  No incidents of bad behavior. I didn’t have to send some kid on their own bus. Musically, we performed at the gold level, which is in the top 90-97 range. We were also first place for men’s choir. I was very proud of them.

You guys also went to Disneyland. What is your favorite ride?

Well I didn’t get to head over to Splash Mountain but I did ride Space Mountain. I love Space Mountain. I must have gone on it like four or five times. The first time I went on was interesting. It was the first time I went on it in years. Disney has made adjustments and I was completely off guard. I started to panic and when the picture spot came my glasses were about to come off so I had to hold them. Well afterwards the photos looked liked I was vomiting so the kids all took a picture of it and they all shared it with their friends. The next time I was prepared and I acted cool and collected. I sure got them.

Any rides you don’t like, for example It’s a Small World? 

I can’t do those teacups, I can do fast and loops but I can’t do side to side and spinning. They make me queazy.

Whats your favorite Disney movie? 

Thats difficult. I would say “Lion King.” “Lion King” is an all time great. “Frozen” is suppose to be fantastic though.

Did you see “Frozen”? 

No, I have not. They did show it on the bus on the way back. The screen in front of me was broken so I wasn’t able to watch it.

Do you have hobbies? 

I am pretty boring person. Many years ago I tried to get myself a hobby so I tried golf. I was so bad that I am sure I cussed like a solider. I was really bad. I thought for the betterment of humanity I would quit. I have certain rituals. I get up at 5 and relax, drink a cup of coffee. During the winter I put on a coat and sit out by the pool. It is very relaxing. Music is my purpose in life. I eat, live and breath music. I enjoy doing other things like wood working and painting. Home work can be fun, expect for working with electricity. I almost blew myself across the room doing that type of work.

Would you like to propose a question for next’s month edition of Teacher’s Pet?

Would you rather sing a love song to someone you hate or a hate song to some you love?

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