Roundup named ‘Best High School Newspaper’ in Arizona

The Arizona Newspapers Association and named The Roundup the “Best High School Newspaper” in the state at their annual awards reception Oct. 15.

The Roundup earned the first place recognition in the High School Newspaper/Large School Division category. The professional contest was sponsored by the ANA and the Arizona Associated Press Managing Editors.

Affiliations without proper representation

The motif for political parties in the United States is to up the other, or so it seems, and it’s been that way since the foundation of our country.

Based primarily on a two party system, American politics has been a competition between the Democrats and the Republicans, though every so often we hear something about a third party.

Recently I have noticed a rise in a new party: the Libertarians.

Separated nation must move past politics as usual

In the near future, I can imagine tuning in for the evening news and hearing, “It has been 297 days since Obama’s socialist regime tore the presidency from the deserving hands of “The Maverick.” With replacing our former ‘All Hat No Cattle’ president, the current “Redistributor-in-Chief,” has taken the White House by storm.”

Um –welcome to America?

The land where “united we stand, divided we fall?”

Not really sounding like it, huh?

Emerging artist ‘rockets’ to the moon with new release

In a world where technology is advancing faster than the latest techno beat, new artists emerge from being a no body to popularity in seconds, just by numerous clicks on YouTube or Pandora.

One of the latest fads in the music scene these days is a single man band who uses synthesizer vocals and drum kits to make their music.

Along the lines PlayRadioplay! and Owl City, a slightly less known band by the name of A Rocket to The Moon recently emerged on to the music scene.

Make your mark on the Dragon Age

Game developer Bioware has truly outdone itself.

The creator of popular and successful role-playing games like “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic,” “Mass Effect” and “Baldur’s Gate” among others, has once again raised the bar with its new “dark heroic fantasy” “Dragon Age: Origins.”

As the title suggests, you begin the game by choosing your character’s race, class and origin story, which you yourself play through. You have a choice between three races and three classes: humans, elves, dwarves, and warrior, mage, rogue.

Golf finishes strong, takes 4th in state

The long, tiresome season has come to a close for the Brophy varsity golf team.

After a slow start, the Broncos battled their way back into contention and proved that they are still a top competitor in the super-region and state tournaments.

The team got a lot of momentum going into the state tournament by finishing first in their bracket in the super-region tournament.