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Coaches, training staff prioritize concussions, students must self report

Photo by Hunter Franklin, ’19 | Brophy’s football team kneels as their injured quarterback, Noah Gonzales ’18, is looked over by Brophy’s physical trainers in a high school football game against Desert Vista Friday, Sept. 15, 2017, in Phoenix. Desert Vista defeated Brophy 17-14. By Spencer Inglett ’19 & Matthew Zacher ’18 THE ROUNDUP While […]

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Arizona becomes 1st state to offer concussion insurance for high school athletes

By Spencer Inglett ’19 THE ROUNDUP The Arizona Interscholastic Association revealed concussion insurance August’s board meeting, covering all high school athletes with a $0 out-of-pocket deductible. Arizona becomes the first state to provide this insurance, and many more states like Montana and Michigan are beginning to follow. The AIA says that this coverage will expand […]

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Concussions becoming all too common trend in student-athletes

By Eric Villanueva ’11

Picture the football two yards shy of a first down.

The coach calls a quarterback draw straight up the middle.

The quarterback snaps the ball and follows his blocks.

Somewhere short of the first down, the quarterback meets with a defenseman, leading with his head, who tackles the quarterback for a stop.

Inside the defensive player’s head, as he slams into the base of the quarterback’s shoulder pads, his brain hits the inside of his skull.

As he stands up after the hard tackle, he feels dizzy and foggy.

Though this is a hypothetical situation, this is all too common for Mr. Chris White, Brophy’s head athletic trainer.

In his 25 years as an athletic trainer at Brophy, Mr. White said he has seen hundreds of concussions like the one suffered by the imaginary player, not only in football, Brophy’s highest risk sport for concussions, but in many other sports like soccer, wrestling, basketball, baseball and volleyball.

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