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Krause finds inspiration in Loyola scholars

Photo by Manny Mata-Flores ’19 | Ms. Kendra Krause (right) speaks to Ms. Ann Wolf in her office Monday, Jan. 9. Ms. Krause is the head of the Loyola Academy  and has a passion for the kids she works with.

By Andrew Howard ’17

As Loyola Academy scholars scurried out of the room in January to get to P.E., Ms. Kendra Krause sat down to discuss her many jobs on campus.

“Primarily I am the director of Loyola Academy … I teach here, I am the head of admissions, anything really specific in the Academy goes through me,” she said. “I took on a new role at the high school, which is assistant principal for faculty  development. That means I work more intentionally with the teachers and helping them.”

Ms. Krause’s job as an assistant principal on the high school side is new this year, a job she said she believes is important and necessary to a well run school.

“I work with first and second year teachers in small group conversations and we talk about how the year is going, what kind of teaching we want at Brophy, and how their teaching is going at Brophy,” she said. “On a larger scale I have been involved in faculty conversations about race equity and inclusion.”

Daniel Bonner ’17 has known Ms. Krause since he went on Kairos during his junior year, and has become close with her since the retreat, even asking her to be the faculty leader during frosh retreat.

Bonner said he is impressed with everything Ms. Krause has done at Loyola Academy.

Ms. Krause has an unbelievable impact on the scholars of Loyola,” he said. “Her commitment to their education and development as young men has been fruitful for both the scholars and the Brophy community as a whole.”

Before Ms. Krause came to Loyola, she worked at public schools in Arizona for seven years, originally coming for Teach for America.

Ms. Krause joined TFA because of her belief in education.

“I believe that education is of paramount importance, all across the country, but especially at Brophy,” she said. “I believe all kids should have access should have access to the kind of school Brophy is, and making sure they do well once they are here.”

During her time at public schools, she started a nonprofit to get students from under resourced schools into Brophy, St. Mary’s and other Catholic high schools, so when the idea of Loyola Academy came up, Principal Mr. Bob Ryan gave her a call.

Ms. Krause said being at Loyola is different from teaching at public school because she has deep relationships with not only the students, but also their parents.

With the first Loyola class to graduate from Brophy coming in 2018, Ms. Krause said she expects to be very emotional when they walk across the stage.

Ms. Krause also said it has been exciting to watch the scholars grow up since leaving The Academy, and develop into young men at Brophy.

Even though a majority of her time is spent in Loyola, Bonner said he thinks she still makes an impact on the Brophy students she interacts with.

“Nonetheless, it is no surprise that one of the few Brophy-specific activities she is involved in, is the retreat program, specifically Kairos,” he said in an email. “It is on this wonderful retreat that she left such a profound imprint on my Brophy experience.”