‘Lost’ finale review: ‘The End’ is a misnomer, ‘Lost’s’ legacy will live on in its fan base

An eye closes.

A church fills with bright light. A dog lies down next to a dying spinal surgeon. The credits roll amid shots of the original wreckage. And the discussion begins.

The series finale of “Lost” titled “The End,” which aired May 23, was certainly not the most watched finale ever, with an average of 13.5 million viewers who stay tuned throughout the two-and-a-half hour long last hoorah according to the New York Times.

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Soccer closes season with 1st round playoff loss

Brophy soccer season has come to a close leaving many victories and a few losses in its wake.

“We had an up and down season; we played some very difficult teams, and those teams we beat,” said head coach Mr. Marc Kelly ’87. “And then when we played some teams we should have beat we had bad luck and didn’t get the victories we needed … we had a lot of bad luck this year.”

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Six predictions for sixth, final ‘Lost’ season

After six seasons of maddening cliffhangers, deeply layered mythology and epic storytelling the cultural phenomenon known as “Lost” is finally coming to an end.

Debuting Tuesday Feb. 2, the sixth and final season of the television show will hopefully wrap up everything; or at least as much as it can.

Before the season premiere airs however there are a few theories I would like to share; six to be precise.

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