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Six predictions for sixth, final ‘Lost’ season

By Sean Harris ’11

ABC's "Lost" stars Michael Emerson as Ben. (Bob D'Amico/Courtesy ABC/MCT)

After six seasons of maddening cliffhangers, deeply layered mythology and epic storytelling the cultural phenomenon known as “Lost” is finally coming to an end.

Debuting Tuesday Feb. 2, the sixth and final season of the television show will hopefully wrap up everything; or at least as much as it can.

Before the season premiere airs however there are a few theories I would like to share; six to be precise. If you are not up to date with “Lost” then things are going to get confusing. All five seasons of ‘Lost’ are now available on and if you need a refresher, or just want to start from the beginning.

1. The Incident will go forward as planned.

The final scene of season five left us on a huge cliffhanger; Juliet hit a bomb with a rock, apparently sacrificing her own life, and then the screen flashed to white.

She did this at the request of Daniel Faraday who told the survivors last season that if the bomb went off, Oceanic 815 would never crash.

I believe that when the bomb “detonated” it just negated the electromagnetic energy, leaving room for Razinsky to install something similar for the fail-safe in the Swan.

This might also knock down the giant four-toed statue, an event that could trigger women not being able to give birth on the island. The pregnancy issue is a problem explored in earlier seasons, and actually why Juliet was brought to the island.

This would also remove the ridiculous notion of an alternate timeline that would suck up half of the season and ultimately lead nowhere.

2. The triangle will disappear.

Even though Sawyer and Juliet became a couple in the last season, the show has always been bogged down by the love triangle between Jack, Kate and Sawyer. This can all be averted now with the death of Juliet.

With Juliet gone, Sawyer will most likely revert to his old ways, leaving Kate stuck with Jack. They could also just kill off Kate at the beginning of the season, either way works.

3. Many will die.

“Lost” is a shocking show. For proof of this look no farther than the survival rate of the main cast. Now that the show is in its final season, survival is not looking likely for a number of castaways.

A few specific predictions: Ben is killed by Flocke (fake Locke) in the series finale; Jin dies heroically to save Sun; Sawyer sacrifices himself in the series finale; and Jack kills Flocke in the series finale.

4. Ben will be used as a pawn.

Going back to Ben being killed by Flocke in the series final—Ben is definitely the most interesting character on “Lost;” a pathological liar who has not only cheated death through his many manipulations but has come out with the upper hand.

But when Ben was last seen, it looked like he had finally played his last card. He killed Jacob for an entity possessing Locke. And from what has been seen of this entity, he has obviously got Ben under his thumb from now on.

My guess is that Ben will be played as a pawn for the rest of the show before dying at Flocke’s hands in the series finale. Face it, he kind of deserves a bitter end.

5. Jack and Locke will meet again.

No, that was not a typo, and I know when Locke was last seen he was a corpse being dumped out of a casket, but John Locke has to return in the final season.

Man of science, man of faith; something that has remained relevant in the show ever since the beginning when Locke learned to accept the island’s mysterious nature and Jack denied it.

This relationship was given a new twist in the season five finale with the introduction of Jacob and Flocke, a relationship that from what has been seen, is very similar to Jack and Locke.

Last season also saw Jack taking on Locke’s role in a character transition that was executed wonderfully.

How great would it be to see Jack and Locke’s roles completely reversed for this final season?

But all that being said, Locke still has to return; maybe he will be that final push that Jack needs.  I’m predicting his role will be minimal but effective.

6. Good and evil will do battle.

Another recurring theme throughout the show has been black and white.

Locke talked about the two opposing sides to Walt, Adam and Eve were carrying black and white stones; and most recently Jacob was wearing a white shirt while his nemesis was wearing a black one.

Now with Jacob dead, the scales will be tipped toward Flocke. I believe that Jack will take over for Jacob, but before he can he will have to challenge Flocke in a showdown of epic proportions.

Place your bets now.

What are your predictions for “Lost”? Post your comments below.

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