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‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’ guns down the competition

By Chase Stevens ’12

Many people have played “Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare,” the critically acclaimed first person shooter that took the world by storm.

“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2,” the sequel to “Call of Duty 4,” sets the benchmark even higher than before.

The game has three modes: single player, Special Ops and multiplayer. Each mode offers a different yet fun way to experience the heart-pounding action that “Modern Warfare 2” provides.

The single player mode is played through the eyes of different characters within the story. One level has you rushing on snowmobiles to reach a helicopter, while in another level you have to retake the White House that has been invaded by Russians.

With varying difficulties, the game will be able to provide a manageable challenge for everyone who plays it.

One complaint about the campaign is that it is too short. Clocking in at about six or seven hours, the story mode can be completed very quickly. Even though it is short, the campaign is still a blast to play.

The Special Ops mode is both new and fun. This mode contains different mini games, such as blowing up a certain amount of cars or sneaking past enemies to get to the safe spot.

Each challenge gives a total of three stars; one star for finishing it on regular, the easiest difficulty; two stars for finishing it on hardened; and three stars for finishing the challenge on veteran.

Multiplayer is where the core of the game lies. With 24 primary weapons, 19 secondary weapons, seven pieces of equipment and 30 perks to choose from, there are millions of ways to win.

Multiplayer works by having the player make classes that include one primary weapon, one secondary weapon, one piece of equipment and three perks.

The primary weapons are guns like the M16A4, a Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle and even a riot shield. The secondary weapons are composed of smaller arms, like pistols and automatic weapons. There are also shotguns and rocket launchers to be found.

The equipment consists of many things. Players can choose to wield a throwing knife, or perhaps use claymores.

The perks give little advantages to the player, like making the player’s footsteps silent, or the ability to take ammo from pouches they find on the floor.

A player must reach a certain level before they are able to make their own unique class. Once a player makes their class they can go and play the game.

After a player reaches the maximum level, they can choose to go to prestige mode. By choosing prestige mode, you give up everything and start at level one again.

The benefit is that you get a special icon that shows you have gone through prestige mode, meaning other players will see your accomplishment. A player can go through prestige mode 10 times before they cannot do it again.

A new feature to “Modern Warfare 2” is call signs. By doing various challenges, a player unlocks new titles and emblems. Players can choose one title and one emblem to put on their call sign. People see a player’s call sign whenever they kill or are killed by that player, as well as when the player does something extraordinary, like blow up a helicopter.

A feature that is improved upon in “Modern Warfare 2” is the kill streaks.

When a player kills a certain amount of people without dying, they unlock kill streak rewards they can deploy. These can be as simple as a care package drop of ammo or as ridiculous as calling in a nuclear bomb that instantly ends the round.

“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” contains 16 multiplayer maps. In one map, people fight on top of a skyscraper, while in another they combat each other in a submarine base.

There are also many cool, different game types.

For example, players can participate in an all out free for all, or they can join a team and work together to plant bombs in search and destroy.

The multiplayer is huge and since it was the best part of “Call of Duty 4,” it only makes sense that “Modern Warfare 2” improved on that.

Unless you have a passionate hate for fun, I recommend “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” to everyone.

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