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More Students Discovering 70’s Music

Matthew Ramella ’19

Can a decade of music from over 40 years ago be making a comeback?

Why is it that music from the 1970s is so recognizable among the younger generations?

There is no definitive way to tell if music from the 1970s is making a complete comeback, but there is no question that there is somewhat of a revival among certain groups of the younger generations.

“Certain bands or songs come back because somebody uses them in some sort of media– this brings one song back and kids discover more songs by that band,” said Mr. Steve Smith `96

There is also the thinking that involves “summer music” or “4th of July music,” which is typically played during the summer months. These songs include “American Pie” by Don McLean, “Walk of Life” by Dire Straits and many more.

The case could be made that 70’s music never went away, it is only just kids in high school discovering music for a few years, and then throwing it to the curb for the next generation of high schoolers to discover.

Although there are new sounds and new styles, there has always been a presence of older music and the older sounds.

As the years pass and new songs are released people could be craving a richer sound. The students may begin to dislike the technological and auto tuned sound of music today and go back to a time with a more natural sound.

“People are drifting away from the electronic production of music and going to the more natural and raw sounds of instruments, which can be found in a lot of 70’s music,” said Xander Jacobs `19.

The tremendous gap between sounds of the 70s and the sounds of today’s music shows how people have changed and how the country has changed from the 70s. But this resurgence in music could also be attributed to the general feeling of the 1970s and the general feeling of the people today.

The 70s had many issues to deal with such as the Vietnam war and conscription; the music reflected what people were feeling which could have given a sense of security.

About 45 percent of people today are afraid of terrorism according to a CNN poll.

This fear could contribute to a movement to music that offers a sense of safety like the music of the 70s.

Not everyone is part of this resurgence, but there has been growth in many different things that were popular in the 70s especially music. But all around you can see people wearing Rolling Stones T-shirts and the John Lennon circular sunglasses, even though they may not know the meaning behind it.

Some people may call it “hipster,” some people think that collecting vinyl is the coolest thing in the world and they may think that they are the first to do it. But they are only using styles from the ‘70s and ‘80s.

“Hipsters, the comeback of vinyl is definitely playing a big role in this, people are starting to collect records a lot more than in the early 2000s,” Jacobs said.

The years of Woodstock, psychedelic music, roadies and clubs and bars with live music may be in the past, but it is on its way up again and it may not last long.

“Cyclically it’s time to come back,” Mr. Smith said, “it is time.”

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